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Welcome to Breathing SpaceTherapies LLC

Yoga at Home


Breathing Space Therapies LLC is a sacred space where empowered healing happens with empathic support. Meeting clients with where they are currently on their holistic lifestyle journeys.


All services are provided with deep understanding of the importance of our breath, the regulation of our nervous system, and trauma informed lens that connects our physical pain body to our unresolved issues and that through movement these can be released.


With services in massage, yoga, and coaching you will gain higher levels of connection to your mindbody, learn tools useful in stress, and create sustainable routines to add to your daily life. With tailored sessions we can create the holistic authentic lifestyle you have only envisioned. 

Would you like to try yoga? Build a sequence that stretches your short muscles and strengthens your weak ones? Have a restorative session to let go of tightness and emotions trapped deep within? Learn some mindfulness or breath work? Curious what easy self-care you can do to maintain healthy posture or create positive change? Want some guided meditations? I will guide you into poses, positions or stretches to reach your next level of health and bridge the mind/body connection.

Are you feeling stuck? Unable to create the change you desperately desire? Feeling overwhelmed with your health or life? Do you have an unhealthy coping mechanism or habit that you can’t seem to rid on your own? Are you longing to build a more balanced life full of health and joy? Currently in a major life transition? As your coach we will co-create a plan together, with my guidance and tools, to reach your goals and best version of you.

Whew! Deep belly breath. One more. And now your third. Seriously, I’m a big believer that breathe is one of keys to health and wellness. At Breathing Space Therapies, I will meet you where you are at currently and provide you individualized support, services, and guidance to support your health and wellness agenda.


Bridge MindBody Awareness


Create Space For Healing


Build Your Support System

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